Wave Break

Wave Break with Driving Underwater, The Weather Might Say Otherwise [Ages 21+, Doors Open 5pm, $10 Advance, $12 Day of Show]

Sonic Blume, WHATMORE, NONEWFRIENDS., Laura Elliot

Sonic Blume, WHATMORE, NONEWFRIENDS., Laura Elliot [Ages 18+, Doors Open 9pm, $12]

Rare Americans

Rare Americans [Ages 16+, Doors Open 9pm, $18 Advance, $20 Day of Show]

Rosey Bengal, CR and the Nones, Cold Weather Company

Rosey Bengal, CR and the Nones, Cold Weather Company

STEFA*, Benét, Carlos Truly

STEFA*, Benét, Carlos Truly [Ages 21+, Doors Open 8pm, $10 Advance, $12 Day of Show]




stefa marin alarcon aka STEFA* is a vocalist, composer and multi-media performance artist from Queens, NY. After studying euro-centric classical music their current practice has them creating sonic and visual work around their journey of decolonization and how it connects to our collective liberation. Pairing their divergent influences as a way of reclaiming their non-binary existence and indigenous histories, stefa uses lushly layered vocal loops, anti-colonial pop and punk to better understand their multi-dimensional identities. 
They were a Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics EmergeNYC Fellow (2019) and a Leslie Lohman Museum of Art Artist Fellow (2019-2020), and most recently Artist In Residence at The Kitchen (May 2021) where they are developing the forthcoming experimental ritual opera Born With An Extra Rib: The Film. Their solo and collaborative work has led them to share their visions with Queens Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Museo Del Barrio, National Sawdust, Rough Trade, Elsewhere, Nublu, The Sultan Room, NUEVOFest, Abrons Arts Center, Dixon Place, The Vienna Festival, Body Hack and more. Their debut EP Sepalina was released on Figure & Ground Records in 2018. 
Their sophomore EP Born With An Extra Rib will be released independently Spring 2022.




Benét (Benét Nutall) is a singer-songwriter based in Richmond, VA. Raised in a musically inclined family, Benét‘s ear for melody is finely tuned. “My mom would always say ‘Don’t sing my part’” Benét says. “I had to come up with another line when singing together.” Being challenged vocally, Benét’s writing formed an incredible sense of harmony out of necessity. Beyond clear vocal talent, Benét’s vulnerable lyrics continue to pursue the audience long after the first play.

From a young age, Benét was drawn to creative means of expression, immersing themselves in their local scene and dipping their toes in mediums across the board. Fast forward to 21-years-old, Benét is acutely aware of the ways their upbringing, both in Virginia and on the Internet have impacted their music. Social media has not only informed the way they create, but who they create with. Connecting with artists online has allowed them to expand their musical bounds, and make friends along the way. Previous releases from Benét include “Stan Account” a double single released last year with Richmond-imprint Citrus City.



Carlos Truly

Growing up in Brooklyn, Carlos was a reserved adolescent who loved Beethoven and Al Green. As a teenager he sang his diary into a microphone. This project grew to become a critically acclaimed, collaborative touring group, Ava Luna. His early 20s were spent entrenched at the beloved DIY sanctuary, Silent Barn in Bushwick–making a living cutting hair and recording bands in a ramshackle studio inside an unrenovated mechanic’s garage. Since that time, he has cultivated a production career that includes credits from genre-expansive artists like Princess Nokia, Frankie Cosmos, Sneaks, and Palehound.

Having ceded creative control of his band in favor of a democratic process, Carlos now explores his roots in a solo outlet, Carlos Truly. Navigating a multi-cultural family history with tracks largely produced by his real-life brother Tony Seltzer, Carlos sits in a charged, intimate space. His brother’s celebrated underground hip-hop sensibilities mingle securely with Carlos’s pot-smoking nerd energy. His vocals evoke the old Soul singers his radio DJ father would spin at home, the irreverence and joy of NYC’s DIY scene, and the heady sonic worlds of an imagination shaped by a lifetime in NYC.


Vakili Band, Plane Station

Vakili Band, Plane Station [Ages 21+, Doors Open 6pm, $10 Advance, $12 Day of Show]


Vakili Band

Powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Lily Vakili wasn’t born in a crossfire hurricane like Jumpin’ Jack Flash, but in Honduras during a civil war, bullets flying overhead. As Vakili says – “It set the tone for everything else”.
With three albums under her belt – two as a singer-songwriter and the most recent with her band, 2018’s Oh Alright (recorded at Magic Door Studios with Ray Ketchem) – Vakili is preparing to release a second band album, Walking Sideways (recorded at Sound on Sound Studios with David Amlen), that shows her growth as a songwriter, vocalist, and bandleader, and the band’s evolution – with guitarist and occasional songwriting collaborator Ben St. Jack, harmonica player Joel Dorow and a rock-solid rhythm section featuring drummer Gordon Kuba and bassist Matt Jovanis.
Vakili Band’s musical touchstones include Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, and Prince – with a smattering of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” liberation, David Bowie’s chameleon-like “Changes” and the New York Dolls’ attitude thrown in for good measure. “I was raised on all kinds of music… I’m omnivorous,” she says. “From my parents playing Peruvian highland music to Puerto Rican salsa, bachata, and reggaeton. Those Afro-Caribbean rhythms are built into my music.”
For Vakili Band, a live performance takes the music beyond words to achieving a trance-like communal state that evokes whirling dervishes using repetition and the primal beat to achieve a transcendent state. Vakili still has faith that rock ‘n’ roll can change the world. “If you’re asking me, do I believe in love, yes I do,” she says. “Performing music live is a pursuit of ecstasy, connection, desire, and love… it’s real, heady stuff.”


Plane Station


Plane Station is a singer songwriter duo comprised of siblings Nick and Brianna Chiapparino. Their sound, honed through years of live performance, is built on harmony, memorable melodies and a collaborative approach to songwriting. Nick and Brianna grew up in the Hudson Valley, New York and began singing together in High School. The duo has fronted many bands spanning a wide variety of genres but with Plane Station are for the first time focused on keeping their unique connection front and center. Their music, often driven either by Nick’s acoustic guitar or Brianna’s piano work, weaves seamlessly through the intimate and the grandiose, whispered lines over a finger picked guitar often give way to soaring harmonies over swelling instrumentation. This is never more evident than in their sprawling live performances, which regularly feature drummer and engineer Jesse Melito. Their first album, The Other Side, finds the duo exploring themes of love, change and loss in a stripped down, predominantly acoustic setting. On 7th Street, Plane Station’s second full length LP, Nick and Brianna stretch their folk sound, taking full of advantage of a more vast sonic landscape while staying true to their singer songwriter roots.



Accessible accommodations should purchase a General Admission ticket and will be taken care of at the venue day of event. There is a delivery delay till 72 hours prior to show.

TOMI, Stalking Gia

TOMI, Stalking Gia [Ages 21+, Doors Open 6:30pm, $12]


Sometimes we have to leave everything behind in order to evolve. Songwriter Pam Autuori, who performs as TOMI, found herself on that journey a few years ago. Her style is characterized by ferocious guitar and resounding vocals—an unfettered, urgent, and emotionally supercharged sound that was forged from a ruthless determination to sing, play, and do things her own way, even in the face of life’s obstacles. “Sometimes we have to leave everything behind in order to evolve,” she says, “My new EP ‘Sweet, Sweet Honey’ focuses on forgiveness and, how sometimes, you have to get lost in order to find yourself again.” TOMI is coming back to her roots to play at Mercury Lounge on December 16th and kicks off her winter tour supporting The War On Drugs in February 2022.

Stalking Gia

A ​cosmopolitan alternative pop femme fatale and the ultimate object of digital obsession, Stalking Gia documents the nocturnal movements of a culture anesthetized by following one another in an endless digital loop, high-fashion fixation, and the thrill of collapse. Over a soundtrack of eerie synth echoes, cinematic keys, rattling guitars, and grimy beats, she relays these stories throughout Season One, a collection of songs set to be released throughout 2021.

Generating 20 million streams and receiving acclaim from Billboard, Noisey, Marie Claire, Nylon and more, the New York songstress materializes like a specter in the space between online fantasy and Manhattan’s real-life nocturnal glow.​ ​“New York is spontaneous, current, edgy, and dark, but it’s also bright, changing, and always inspiring,” she says. “It’s alive. It’s a place to be whoever you want to be whenever you want. That’s how I feel about myself, my writing, and my music. I’m always changing too. There are all of these different sides to me.”

She unveiled the first side by adopting the name Stalking Gia. As she creatively nodded to inspirations as diverse as David Bowie and Audrey Hepburn, its sexy and sinister implications arose from the most unexpected of places…“Stalking Gia was actually my username on World of Warcraft,” she smiles. “I was thinking about the nature of social media and how it’s creepy. It has created a new normal where it’s acceptable to know what everyone else is doing during every second of the day. It’s overwhelming. Most of the time, everybody is stalking everyone else. I’m drawn to that idea.”

Stalking Gia first came to life via the 2016 single “Second Nature.” Achieving viral success, the track organically tallied 12.4 million Spotify streams and incited a growing buzz. Blackbear integrated a sample of “Second Nature” into “Wish U the Best” from his gold-certified chart-topping 2017 album, Digital Druglord. Meanwhile, she maintained her momentum with the single “Siren.” In addition to touring alongside Blackbear, she teamed up with him for “Miracles,” which landed on New Music Fridayplaylists worldwide and amassed 4.3 million Spotify streams and counting.

Along the way, she assembled what would become the next chapter in her musical journey with producers J&R. Taking an active role, she oversaw arrangement and contributed piano and guitar.​ ​“This is just a period in my life captured in a collection of songs,” she says. “That will be every season of art for me. The whole thing is an honest and true reflection of exactly what I was going through at the time.”

Culture Wars

Culture Wars [Ages 16+, Doors Open 6:30pm, $12 Advance, $15 Day of Show]


Culture Wars

You can always uncover uncharted territory, especially in Texas. Pioneering unheard sonic terrain, Austin trio Culture Wars reprogram and rewire rock with new wave electronics, alternative experimentation, and a pop undercurrent. After amassing 7 million-plus streams independently, inciting a flurry of activity on TikTok, and charting the top 30 of Alternative radio, the band—Alex Dugan, David Grayson, and Dillon Randolph—focus this fiery fusion on their 2021 EP, teche. In 2019, they retreated to the famed Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Tornillo, TX, which sits on a massive pecan farm thirty minutes outside of El Paso directly on the Mexican border. Over the course of “drunk summer camp,” as Alex describes it, they brought teche to life with producer Caleb Contreras. They recruited ten-time GRAMMY® Award winner Manny Marroquin [Kanye West, Imagine Dragons] for mixing and put the finishing touches on the EP just as the Global Pandemic set in. “Faith,” which Alex describes as “a rock song, an electronic song, and country song,” hinted at the scope of the project. Meanwhile, “Leave Me Alone ” quickly approached 1 million streams as it generated a flurry activity on TikTok fueled by videos from mega-influencers such as Bella Poarch, Nessa Barrett, and Sienna Mae. Not to mention, it landed on the GRAMMY® Award-nominated Bill & Ted Face The Music Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and ascended into the Top 30 at Alternative Radio.