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Tempt with The Revel


Tempt are not about starting a revolution. Nor are they about taking the past and reimagining it. No, what Tempt are doing is far more exciting and dynamic. Welcome to the future of rock. A bold statement? Of course it is. But it also happens to be… TRUE! They have reinvented rock music for the modern age. In the few years since their formation in New York City, Tempt have created a style marked by verve, vibe and quality. They are four talents who meld and merge into something that is far more than the sum of those considerable parts. So, who are Tempt?They are vocalist Zach Allen, guitarist Harrison Marcello, bassist Chris Gooden, and drummer Nick Burrows. What are they like? Firstly, the songs are sparklingly melodic. One listen and they stay firmly in the mind. “We’re really influenced by all types of music including the rock greats from every era as well as current artists that we listen to with our friends such as Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, The Killers or the latest Synthwave ”, declares guitarist Harrison Marcello, “It’s this wide pallet of creativity that inspired us to our musical direction and led us to a new rock aesthetic for the 21st century.” The recent surge of love for rock by the likes of Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly and Miley Cyrus has opened a door for a younger generation to walk through and rock out. Tempt’s debut album on Better Noise Music has everything you desire: uplifting songs, evocative musicianship, incredible atmosphere and a magical rapport between the four members and producer Chris Lord-Alge. It also has the type of indefinable uniqueness that all game changing albums possess – and this IS a game changer! The lead single “Living Dangerous” bursts with energy. The mid-tempo rocker “Two Ways” combines moody verses and gritty choruses, imbued with pop-inflected vocal harmonies and keyboards. “Burn Me Down” is a high energy sing-along with a huge hook that will be echoing throughout arenas. The title track, “Golden Tongue” is a genre bending smash driven by guitars and a new kind of swagger destined to cross over and blow up Top 40. Onstage, this band has already proven their pedigree both as club headliners and as support for bands like Bon Jovi in arenas. They’re already doing, at such a young age, what defined the true giants of rock, delivering performances that are charismatic, commanding and Timeless. You want supreme songwriting? Tempt have it. You want stunning performances? Tempt connect. You want focused energy? Tempt delivers. You want rock that is striding into the future? Tempt is that band. Welcome to the new world and this is a world that belongs to Tempt.

The Revel

Brotherhood binds a rock band together much like a gang. Inspired by Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and U2 to Rival Sons and Royal Blood, the musicians developed their chops over countless hours of jamming. The New Jersey quartet—brothers Dean [lead vocals, guitar] and Dillon D’Antuono [lead guitar, backing vocals], Stephen Mir [bass, backing vocals], and Kyle Smith [drums]—pack a knockout punch with howling vocals, rip-roaring leads, and stadium-ready rhythms. After receiving acclaim from American Songwriter, The Aquarian, they roar to life on a series of independent singles and their forthcoming 2021 EP. “The four of us create a vibe and bring a distinct energy.” “We share the same fire in our hearts and souls,” Dillon agrees.  In 2017, the duo made their debut with the self-titled The Revel EP. During 2018, they caught the attention of Bon Jovi and opened up for the New Jersey legends at The Prudential Center in Newark. They also canvased the country with the likes of Joyous Wolf and unleashed the Don’t Let Me Go EP during 2019. During the Global Pandemic, they kicked into high gear creatively, cranking out new music. “We said, ‘Fuck boundaries’,” admits Dean. “We dug deeper, expanded our palette, and really defined our style.” On the single “And It Goes.” The Revel lock into an airtight four-on-the-floor groove as the momentum builds towards a swaggering chant. A scorching riff winds around the hypnotic hook and resounding lead.

Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry.

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