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Matt Nation


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Matt Nation with Krispy DeRato [Ages 21+, Doors Open 9pm, $10]

Matt Nation

     Matt Nation is a Brooklyn born songwriter, singer and musician based in New York. During his sophomore year of college, he officially began producing his own music. Matt’s performances at College Music Festivals would give him the momentum to do  gigs in the North East.  Matt Nation’s charismatic stage presence and electric performances put audiences into a bouncing euphoric state as his music transcends effortlessly between the genres of Pop, Hip-Pop, Rap, Indie/Alternative and RnB. He has garnered attention and a loyal following as the Headliner at music venues throughout New York City.

Matt’s debut EP “Undeniably Dope” released on November 11, 2021 takes us into a journey of self discovery. His music and storytelling are of deep introspection, contrasted with infectious beats and hooks that make you come back for more.  Matt Nation’s  lyrics encompass struggles, resilience and takes on the modern day love story, neatly wrapped in deceivingly energetic and enthusiastic production.

His music is genre bending. The Pop sound coupled with the driving 808’s of “Ms. McGuire” to the wavy hard hitting rollercoaster ride of “Life Aquatic”, the atmospheric trippy futuristic RnB/Hip-hop sound of “Blue Dream”,  to the dark introspective trap soul vibe of “Rose Gold”: The edgy banger sound of “I Don’t Need you” and the modern RnB sound of “Everything You Need”  to the international vibes of “Soul”- Are all original songs in Matt Nation’s arsenal in his newly released debut EP “Undeniably Dope” streaming on all platforms.

Krispy DeRato

Krispy DeRato is a 25-year-old independent artist and founder of the Krisp Sirenhouse record label. She has been self-producing her entire discography since her debut release “Metamorphosis of the Mind” in April of 2021 and has gained quite a notable reputation for her extreme vocal range and unique whistle tones. Krispy’s cinematic siren songs are quickly becoming a genre of their own, as she combines almost “inhuman” vocals with her lifelong production skills to engage with her listeners on a scale beyond just physically. The release of her full length siren song “Anthemoessa” in the summer of 2021 has been steadily gaining notoriety as an experience more than music. For a single creator, Krispy has built up a significant social media following, with an ever growing audience of almost 250,000 across all platforms. Now she is the proud owner of her own independent record label, the Krisp Sirenhouse, which is set to launch in December of 2021.

Beyond her music, Krispy DeRato is also an accomplished visual artist. From brand design to music videos, she is always brainstorming new ways to add a ‘touch of Krisp’ to her persona and prides herself on the creativity that shines through, regardless of what slim (or non-existent) budget she has had to work with. Each new song Krispy writes is another glimpse into her vulnerability as an artist living the oh-so-complex human experience; always seeking new ways to merge her music with skating, dancing, cinematography, acting, and modeling for her next project, Krispy DeRato is quickly establishing herself as a creative powerhouse. Now with an ever-growing audience of music lovers and creatives alike, Krispy DeRato strives to be a voice in mental health advocacy and is determined to use her platform to seek change for the better.

Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry.

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