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Tompkins Square, Panik Flower


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Tompkins Square, Panik Flower [Ages 21+, Doors Open 9pm, $10]

Tompkins Square

Tompkins Square was formed by two brothers, Nathan Blunt, vocals and drums, and Declan Kilroe, lead guitar, in their bedroom on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The brothers began writing songs during the pandemic and later added bassist Ean Valte to solidify the band’s unique sound.

This teenage trio’s music is raw, pure indie-rock, with melodies to kill, and prove that NYC is still a place where real talent, creativity and grit are alive and well. Not only do these boys play catchy songs that stay in your head, but they also play melodies that build on themselves, unfolding to a crescendo that hooks you in completely.

On The Grass is Greener EP you can hear the influence of The Strokes, The Virgins, The Cure and even indie-rock icons, Pavement. Their sound is retro, yet authentically their own. Tompkins Square’s unpretentious, under-produced original sound is a throwback to rock songs that you wanna blast in the car, sing along to, and feel everything Nathan feels, as his rugged, original voice sings of thoughtful angst, and as Declan and Ean play riffs that you’ll wanna listen to again and again.


Panik Flower

Formed in the early months of 2022 through chance introductions and long-time friendships, Brooklyn-based Panik Flower mixes dream pop with a grunge-y heaviness. The collective result is a unique soundscape of soft harmonies and hard-hitting instrumentals, juxtaposing honest and emotional lyricism with tense, inquisitive moments.

Led by NYC local Sage Leopold (vocals), Panik Flower has grown to include Jordan Buzzell (guitar), Mila Stieglitz-Courtney (guitar), Max Baird (bass) and Lucas Ebeling (drums). The band’s debut single is set to be released in summer 2022.


Please Note: Originally scheduled for December 22, 2021. Previously purchased tickets will be honored for the new date.

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