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The Racquets, Griffin Robillard


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The Racquets with Griffin Robillard

The Racquets

The Racquets are an indie rock outfit who cut their teeth playing sweaty house shows and are now playing sweaty club shows. The Racquets have been getting a kick out of how many folks count the band’s January 2020 Mercury Lounge concert as the most recent show they went to. The band is excited to return to Mercury Lounge; The Racquets EP is streaming on all platforms.

Griffin Robillard

Whitman had nature. Fellini had dreams. And Griffin Robillard? He had capitalism and a beat up telecaster.

He’s heard it all. Brooklyn is over. We’ll need to leave the planet. There’s more “space” in LA. “How do we navigate this?” he asks. Like tonic and gin, Robillard‘s music explores the mania of utopian love and the bitterness of doomsday with his tongue in his cheek. With his “deep, slightly-creepy-but-inviting Bryan Ferry-ish” voice over driving disco, his music sits right where lyricism meets power pop (American Songwriter). Paste called his 2017 LP Cracks in the Ceiling “relaxed coolness” with “John Denver’s heart” and the “lyrical themes that conjure the cool darkness of Nick Cave.”

The New Yorker’s latest release Very Good Sense Of Humor EP, produced by Walker Lukens, was released April 27th with another EP slated for release in 2021.

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