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The Humble Cheaters


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The Humble Cheaters with Bedroom.band

The Humble Cheaters

The Humble Cheaters are known to put on live shows that leave extraterrestrial sounds ringing in ears for months on end. These sounds (known as HC Waves) are slowly but surely making their way into the internal servers of Spotify Inc., where they will someday be distributed into the ears of millions. When HC Waves make contact with the eardrum, they may cause x-ray vision, lucid daydreaming, indigestion, and uncontrollable dancing. So if you find yourself under the influence of HC Waves, please rest assured that your mind is in good hands.


Bedroom band is an indie rock group hailing from Brooklyn, New York that combines elements of folk-rock and 60s pop.
The band’s mission is to create songs that are equal parts joyful and introspective. It started as a few friends practicing in an NYC bedroom, and took off when lead singer-songwriters Lee Kaplowitz and Jared Levinson met at the hospital where they both worked. Rounded out by bassist Josh Tauber, drummer Dan Fleishaker, and violinist Zahrah Taufique, they’ve taken their music out of the bedroom and into the world.

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