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Shwayze Flymachine Livestream


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  • This event has passed.

About This Event

Broadcasting LIVE from The Mercury Lounge!

Experience Shwayze’s livestream event from wherever you are in the world, together, on Flymachine.

Flymachine is a virtual venue for live entertainment with a real difference: you also get the immersion and community similar to being there in person. No static screens! Create a one-of-a-kind, choose-your-own-adventure experience with your fellow audience members. Move around the venue and go exploring. Vault into the front row. Hang after the show. Connect face-to-face with performers you love, your friends, and other superfans from around the world—in real-time, from anywhere.

When we say “live”, we mean it! This event will be streamed ONCE, with no rebroadcast or replay. Enjoy!

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