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Paraleven with Aquariox, Scott Vernet


Operating at the intersection between deep spirituality, dance floor catharsis and the human experience, Paraleven is on a mission to captivate the hearts and minds of listeners all over the world. An artist who pours every ounce of his being into his emotive productions, he is driven by unwavering commitment to simply doing the work; making time to refine his craft, so that he can express himself in the clearest and most emphatic way he can. Two stunning EPs on Lane 8’s This Never Happened helped establish Paraleven’s production prowess, his music blending core elements of deep, melodic and progressive house to codify his own highly affecting sonic identity. With a forthcoming album signed to Rufus Du Sol’s Rose Avenue label, plans to elevate his live performances and the desire to shift global consciousness, Paraleven is poised for the next exceptional phase of his blossoming career…

Born Josh Taylor and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Paraleven’s connection with music goes way back to his youth. Besides some piano lessons when he was a teenager, he is a self-taught, borderline obsessive musician. Inspired by deadmau5 when he was at college, Josh became fascinated with electronic music and set out on a voyage of discovery with his trusty FL Studio software. From that inception point in 2009 it wasn’t long before his dedication led to early success. Teaming up with a friend, Alex Dunsker, to form the formidable duo Halogen. Their music struck a chord with fans across the world, and caught the attention of execs at Ultra Music, who signed them up, as well as consistent support from the hugely influential Hype Machine. This crucial period gave him the industry knowledge and connections needed to launch his own solo project.

It all began with a pivotal ego death experience into consciousness at the age of 21, which was when Paraleven received the message that music was to be his true calling. Ever since then, he’s kept a laser-like focus on learning, creating and getting his work out there. He juggles a full-time job, a marriage and a “normal life” with producing heartfelt electronica designed to lift your soul and raise your consciousness. A dedicated meditator, Paraleven has a distinct ability to tune in to the deepest parts of himself, while staying grounded and maintaining a human touch in everything he does. He transcends the fear frequency to embrace love and compassion. As fans the world over will testify, Paraleven’s music is pure exhilaration for the soul, lifting spirits and boosting moods.

These core attributes of his music can be heard on his first two EPs, ‘Siphon/Ripples’ and ‘Soloma’, as well as his debut album Apollo. Comprised 11 tracks, the LP marks the next evolutionary step in Paraleven’s development. Elements of his early work are there, alongside euphoria, high energy, hints of melancholy and a variety of vocal features that fortify the album’s soulful integrity. Every step of the way the music is delivered with panache, and a refined, polished sheen. Incredibly, all of the composition, sound design and arrangement is created on headphones… high-spec headphones, but headphones nonetheless. A testament to Paraleven’s ingenuity and musical capabilities. Besides his studio work, Paraleven is an accomplished performer. After signing with This Never Happened, he was invited to join the US kingpin on a 12-date tour across the States to showcase Lane 8’s album Brightest Lights. An honour for the producer to be on tour with such an influential figurehead so early in his solo career, and an indicator of just how remarkable his first solo efforts were. In between releases Paraleven has been keeping fans engaged with his Retrograde Mixtape series. The mixes have been tuned to the 432hz frequency, which is regarded by many in the sound healing community as being the natural tuning for musical instruments. In a variety of cymatics experiments, where sound is converted into visuals using water or sand, 432hz is proven time and time again to be more harmonious than the industry standard 440. Likewise, by simply closing your eyes and taking a listening test, you can hear (and feel) the soothing frequency from 432hz. The Retrograde Mixtapes are usually released during Mercury Retrograde, a time when universal energy is disrupted and bad luck is more commonplace. Paraleven’s aim is to counteract the negativity of this time with positive music tuned to a peace-inducing wavelength.

With plans for a live show already underway, Paraleven continues to invest his boundless energy into nurturing his creative outlet, and taking it to the highest possible level. In amongst the seemingly disparate worlds of underground techno and emotionally-charged electronic pop he’s found his niche. It’s a comforting, inspiring place to be and, as the world begins to open up, Paraleven is set to grace the planet with his unique, spiritually-enriched sounds. All you need to do is open your mind and allow the healing frequencies to transport you to your inner Heaven…


Gregory (Aquariox) fell in love with dance music as a teenager and spent many years as a dedicated fan, dancing, collecting, communing and absorbing the energy of the dance floor. What began with a passion for sharing the music he discovered, has grown into the drive to recreate his own sacred experiences into moments for others. Having played many of New York’s premiere club spaces, he developed a passion for the studio resulting in a Beatport Top 10 first release and more slated for 2021. The Aquariox project is built on a true belief in the healing power of dance music and its communities, and this ethos resonates through every production and performance.

Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry.

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