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King Buffalo with Vaureen


King Buffalo 

King Buffalo is the trio of vocalist/guitarist Sean McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds, and drummer Scott Donaldson. Since forming in 2013, the self-proclaimed “heavy psych” band has made its name via 4 EPs, 2 Full-lengths, and tours with the likes of The Sword, All Them Witches, and Elder. King Buffalo’s third full-length record, The Burden of Restlessness, will be released on June 4, 2021.

This the first of three full-lengths they will record throughout 2021.

Their most focused progressive offering to-date, The Burden of Restlessness will self-release throughoutNorth America and see European issue via Stickman Records.Self-recorded in late 2020 and early 2021 by guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds anddrummer Scott Donaldson, The Burden of Restlessness continues to push King Buffalo’s progressiveaspects forward into new avenues of melody and exploration.At the same time, it is not mistitled. There are deep undercurrents of frustration and even an aggressive
pulse that coincide with the spaciousness for which the band has been so widely lauded since their 2016debut, Orion. Guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay drops what’s bound to become one of the record’ssignature lyrics in opener “Burning” when he declares, “Another year lost in the wasteland,” and moresuccinct summaries of canceled plans and rescheduled, lost or damaged lives are hard to come by.
“The Burden of Restlessness was written over the course of what most would consider a pretty starkand stressful time period. The end result is our darkest, most aggressive, and most intimate work todate. We are extremely proud of what this record became.” – Sean McVay
Followers of King Buffalo will find the band’s time was not at all wasted. While some of the synthesizerdriven elements of early-2020’s Dead Star EP have been stripped back, therhythmic complexity in TheBurden of Restlessness is yet more new ground the band are claiming as their own. They do so withconfidence and a creative depth of atmosphere that comes through in more than just the effects beingused, and the urgency in their material is unmistakable.
“Since Covid stopped all touring, we’ve been hard at work and made the commitment to not waste theopportunity. We’re excited to share the first of three records of 2021, which has expanded our sound ina lot of different ways. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to eventually playing these songslive.” – Scott Donaldson
Already Heard describes Vaureen’s sound as an “intense mix of shoegaze, grunge and indie fuzz.” The NYC-based trio released their first demos in September 2015, the Dirty Floor – EP. They explored a more heavy, airy sound on their next release, Violence, (November 2016). The band’s first full-length album, Extraterra, was released in October 2018 on Rising Pulse Records.

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