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Kate Bentsen, Evan Crommett, Julesy


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Kate Bentsen, Evan Crommett, Julesy [Ages 21+, Doors Open 6:30pm, $10 Advance, $12 Day of Show]


Kate Bentsen

Six months before her 25th birthday, in the midst of her third music industry desk job, Bentsen challenged herself to finally make a record before the year was up. The result is an EP that’s truly of the moment, with songs focused on navigating mid-20s life at the bitter end of the 2010s. Bentsen‘s brand of pop comes with a country twang, influenced by everything from Post Malone to Enya. Her songs cover the tried-and-true challenges of 20-somethings, from foreign flings, to work frustrations, to family connections.
New York ferocity. Nashville composition. Texas twang.


Evan Crommett

Evan Crommett is a singer-songwriter + producer born & raised in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. His commitment is to cranking out bops from his bedroom studio, sidestepping the genre-police, and officiating the marriage between music that’s sincere and music that slaps. 



Julesy Flavelle (she/her) is an actress, singer, and collaborator based in New York City. She a 2020 graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she majored in Drama, and completed training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Stonestreet Studios, and The Experimental Theater Wing.

Coming from a family of artists, Julesy has been performing and creating from a young age. Her passions originally stemmed from storytelling with dolls and action figures, but quickly developed towards inserting herself into the narrative she told. She began performing as a singer at small-town venues, but realized her love of acting and music could be combined in musical theater, and began performing in the local musical productions.

After coming to New York City for college, Julesy began to explore the art of film and screenwriting. The way that film can capture a moment and withstand time is unlike any other medium, Julesy was captivated by the art that she was witnessing from her peers. She has since collaborated with many friends on short and feature films, both as an actress and a dancer.

Julesy loves to be a part of the creative process, and has been involved in many new or developing works where she has influenced the creation of a character. She hopes that, with the skills she has honed both from the privilege of being an artist’s daughter and her training throughout the years, the nuance and vulnerability she brings to her characters can help encourage audiences to cherish the significance of empathy.

Outside of performing, Julesy is also a painter and studio artist, specializing in sketch work. She also loves to dance– usually in an empty studio room–, and will go anywhere if there is a cat involved. Or Manchego cheese. Invite her to a wine-and-cheese cat-cafe, and she’s sold.


Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry. Masks are strongly recommended.

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