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Jules Daud, NIÑØ


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Jules Daud

JD is an artist, passionate about music and Real people’s life matters.

In his music you could appreciate flavours from different cultures, including but not limited to, South America ones, where he is from.

Jules is a songwriter, guitarist and singer, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He moved to New York, where he began to produce his music, mostly influenced by blues and rock.

Sharing his project with musicians from different parts of the world, he has managed to make his sound multicultural. With songs and lyrics that cover social issues, the reality in the streets and the suburban experience, Jules Daud presents his latest work “33 & 6” recorded at BC Studios in Brooklyn, NY.




NY based Ecuadorian artist/drummer/producer, Roger Cabrera, goes by the name of NIÑØ. Growing up in the city of Guayaquil and later moving to New York, NIÑØ mixes disco music along with Latin influences, heavy percussion and catchy synth/vocal melodies.


Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry.

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