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death’s dynamic shroud, Pad Chennington, Discoholic


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death’s dynamic shroud, Pad Chennington, Discoholic


death’s dynamic shroud

Founded in 2014, death‘s dynamic shroud began as a series of vaporwave-inspired mixtapes traded between long-time musical collaborators James Webster and Tech Honors. Keith Rankin joined the duo as the vaporwave mixtapes began to mutate into complex concept albums, filled with layered sampled arrangements, soundscapes of digitally destroyed audio, and original synth and vocal performances. Eventually, their prolific output attracted the attention of the larger online music community, with FACT Magazine naming their album ‘I’ll Try Living Like This’ one of the top 15 albums released in 2015. They have since become known for their energetic live shows, where bombastic displays of emotion have moved audiences all over the world.



Pad Chennington

Also known as “Youtube’s Vaporwave Valedictorian”, Pad

Chennington is a content creator, music producer, record label owner and DJ who has created a substantial following throughout the internet since the start of his YouTube channel in 2017.

Known for his electric stage presence, Pad blends all styles of music from disco to techno, lofi house to hip hop, and everything else in

between to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience. With his 2 album releases “CONTRAST” and “dewdropper”, and another one soon in the works, Pad’s energy is a guatuntee party-starter for anyone attending an event he is performing at.

Pad has hosted extremely sucessful events such as “AESTHETIC NIGHTS” at Manhattan’s legendary Mercury Lounge in 2020, as well as performing at various other sold out shows such as the “Electronicon” festival in Brooklyn, NY and the “Terminally Chill” dance party in Philadelphia, PA.

It ain’t a party unless it’s a Pad Chennington party.



On stage, Discoholic is a DJ and performer who isn’t afraid to have fun—fusing funky sensibilities, buttery-smooth transitions, and healthy doses of physical comedy—all while maintaining an extremely dance-friendly groove that goes down smooth. Think of him as a bartender of discoholic beverages that can satisfy your tastes. Whether you want to dance or laugh the night away—Discoholic can serve you. Since 2019, Discoholic has multiplied his stage presence with IRL (in Washington, D.C. alongside ‘70s Disco legend Cerrone) and URL (gathering over 300 live Twitch viewers) performances.

In the studio, Discoholic is a music group that creates disco-inspired songs with influences from other R&B genres. Their debut album “Illusion” has enraptured some early fans, and their sophomore album “Discoholics Anonymous” is set to have even more meaningful, more danceable, and all-around more impressive music.

The bar is open, would you like a drink?


Please Note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry.

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